Block Calls On Android | iPhone | iPod | Tablet Devices With Calls Blacklist

Block Calls On Android, iPhone, tablets, iPod and Blackberry devices using Call Blacklist application for smartphones. You can as well block SMS with this application. How To Block Calls On Android Phones If you are tired of receiving unnecessary calls and text messages form people is not difficult. There is a simple way to block those spam calls and text messages from your network providers on your Android phones.

Most times we get bored with calls from network providers and messages just to open it or pick the calls and start hearing adverts presentation. Gosh! It irritates me so much personally.

I got complaints from friends also concerning this same issue but I gave them the simple advise and they are happy doing that now. I tell you, they have stopped receiving such calls and text messages.

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To block calls on Android phones is very simple and that is why I have organized this post to help you do that. Many of readers have asked series of questions on this topic: How can I block calls and messages from people on Android phone?

Now, I want to use this time to discuss this issue with you on this article. There are so many ways on how to block a number from reaching you. But I will focus mainly on how to block calls on android phones.

If you have tried to block phone number and failed then this article is for you. All you have to do is read to the end of this post. There are some apps on Google Play that will help you do this but I will share with you the one that works for me.

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For example, the security application Avast Mobile Security has this feature and also allows users to select the time of day or day of the week during which the block is effective.

Steps To Block Calls On Android Phones With Calls Blacklist App

Now, this app is the one that works perfectly well for me and I want to recommend it for you also. How to use this application is very simple. But first Download Call Blacklist from play Store on your Android phone.

  • Once you have downloaded Calls blacklist App
  • Tap on it to open
  • Tap on the + icon to add any number from call log, messages log, etc to the blacklist.

The phone number won’t be able to reach you once is added.

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Alternatively: Go to your contacts and view the contact card of the phone number that you want to block. Press the Menu button on your smartphone, and check the All calls to voicemail option. Once you do that, all calls from this contact are forwarded directly to your voicemail.

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