How to Use Ben Wa Balls – Simple Guide to Ben Wa Balls

How to Use Ben Wa Balls – Simple Guide to Ben Wa Balls – this article tends to explain how to use Ben Wa Balls. Ben Wa Balls is believed to have been created by Japanese women but have spread all over the country including Europe and Australia.

How to Use Ben Wa Balls

So many women do not know how to use Ben Wa Balls but this article will guide you to start using Ben Wa Balls. If you are woman and still want to learn how to use this ball then read this post to the end.

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On this article, we have arranged it in such a way that it will be very simple to read and understand. How to use Ben Wa Balls is very simple but you have to just follow the steps on this article.

How to Use Ben Wa Balls – Simple Guide to Ben Wa Balls

Inserting Ben Wa Balls

According to, Inserting the balls, or “wearing” them as you might hear it referred to is a relatively straight forward process but it can vary a bit depending on what type of balls you’re using. The basic idea is always the same though, get them in there without hurting yourself. To that end, here are some tips along with step-by-step instructions.

  • Use lubrication on the balls to help them glide in.
  • Lay down if you haven’t done this before, then insert the ball (or balls) into the vagina while in a relaxed position.
  • Hold the balls inside the vagina by tensing your leg muscles together and doing kegel exercises.
  • Once they’re in you can sit up or move around depending on your ability, women with more experience can insert them without having to lay down and keep them in while moving around the house.

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Quick Tips On Ben Wa Balls

It’s not uncommon to find women on the internet claiming to wear them in public, many of them probably do. If that sounds like something you’d be into then be sure to wear them at home until you’re very comfortable with them and can hold them in for a very long time. Otherwise you might be in for one hell of an “oops” moment in public.

  • Metal or glass balls can be more difficult for beginners to hold onto, you might want to start with plastic or silicone if you haven’t at least somewhat regularly done kegel exercises recently.
  • It will help them slide in easier if you use lubrication, but keep in mind that the easier they go in the easier they’ll come out too. Find a good balance when it comes to how much lube you use.
  • Thoroughly wash the balls with warm soapy water before and after each use. If you’re using balls that are attached via a string or silicone coating of some kind take the time to disassemble them as much as possible and thoroughly wash around the connections. Unattached metal or glass balls are the easiest to clean.
  • Don’t panic if you have trouble getting them back out or if they get stuck. They can’t get lost in there so relax, add some more lube, move around or squat and bear down. They’ll come out.

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