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Playstation Store – According to wikipedia, The PlayStation Store is a digital media store available to users of Sony’s PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable game consoles via the PlayStation Network. The store offers a range of downloadable content both for purchase and available free of

Playstation Store

Are you looking for an online store to order for your ps games then you have to first consider PS online store before you can think of visiting the ps4 walmart and other online stores that deals on playstation.

Playstation remains one of the most interesting games that you can ever think of. Millions of people are currently playing playstation games. There are many games on this store that you can get at a cheaper rate. Just visit the store and enjoy the benefit therein.

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There are few things I will love to show you on this post and there are not many as such, we will not be wasting our precious time so much on this post titled Playstation store. One of the things is this:

  • How to login to Playstation store
  • How to sign up playstation store

These two sub-headings will not take us time to discuss. So if I were you I will pay attention to the end of this post. If you have any difficulty on the process of login and sign in playstation online store, then this post is for you.

PlayStation Store Sign Up

First let us discuss how to create a free account. Follow the procedure I will show you here to sign up playstation account:

  • Go to the site
  • Click Sign In at the top of the home page
  • Click Create New Account under sign in
  • Tap Start. You have 5 stages to complete the account sign up.
  • Enter your Email Address
  • Enter your password and Re-enter password
  • Click Next
  • Select your country and language
  • Select your Date of Birth
  • Tap Next to proceed to the next stage

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  • Enter your city and select the state/province
  • Enter your Postcode
  • Now, enter your Online ID
  • Enter your First Name and Last Name
  • Click Next to proceed
  • Do you want to modify what you have already entered? if you want to modify then click back but if you don’t want then click Continue
  • Finally, Click Agree and Create Account
  • Quickly go to your email inbox to verify your email address
  • You have to now very your phone. Enter your phone number in the box provided and a code will be sent to your phone which you will use to verify the account.
  • Click verify once you enter the code. You will get a message “2-step verification is now active on your account”.
  • Click Ok
  • Proceed to the store you selected

Congratulations! You have just created your ps store account. Proceed to order for anything you wish to buy online.

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Playstation Store Login

If you have completed the registration the next thing to do is to sign in to your playstation account. Here is how to login:

  • Go to the website
  • Click Sign In
  • Enter your Email Address
  • Enter your Password
  • Click Sign In

You will be immediately logged into your PS account. Hope this helps. If you still want to ask questions then do not hesitate to ask using the comment box below.

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